1. Can I use EDM Marketer Software without purchasing an external SMTP server to send up to 100,000 emails per day?
Ans: There may be control by using your personal or companies’ email address to send your EDM Campaign. By using VPS/ Dedicated SMTP Server, you can send up to 100,000 Emails per day from $100 SGD/ Month. This will be extremely great savings for all your EDM Campaigns.

Gmail limits 500 outgoing emails a day
Hotmail limits 300 outgoing emails a day
Yahoo limits 500 outgoing emails a day
Your account may be disabled for exceeding usage limits.

2. Can Email Marketer Software guarantee 100% INBOX delivery?
Ans: Honestly, we are unable to guarantee 100% inbox delivery. A lot of factors are taken into consideration. For instance, keywords used in the email and subject titles. Titles/ Email contents that have suspicious keywords will be banned/ placed in spam box.

Benefits of Rotating IP Address
After every single email is send, sending IP will change, thereby reducing the risk of IP getting blacklisted. Since a pool of 16 to 32 dedicated static IPs are used per each customer, spam complaints get split into different IPs thereby reducing the risk of server shut down. Kindly take note that this doesn’t means that all EDM campaigns can be used for spamming purposes. Refer to the can spam guidelines for more information.

3. What all payment options do you support?
Ans: We support Credit card, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cheque.
4. We need to send emails with our official company domain as sender email id, is it possible?
Ans. User can use ANY existing email id as Sender email id / From address with our platform. The recipients will see the email id specified in the sender id field while opening their email. For 100% INBOX delivery we recommend you to add the SPF/DKIM txt record which we give to your sending domain’s txt record (Ask our chat operator how to do this).
5. How long will it take to receive the software and VPS/ Dedicated servers after making the payment?
Ans: We will deliver the product/service within 24 hours after the payment gets credited in our account. Our software comes with training and non-training packages. Do email to enquiry@sgbrandreach.com for quotation. Our software and server comes in extremely affordable pricing that make you saves thousands of dollars on your monthly advertising.
6. Will my server and software be suspended if there are too many spam complaints and email bounced rate?
Ans: Too many spam complaints or bounces rate may resulted in server suspension depending upon the severity of the complaints. However, due to the concept of IP rotation used in our software, the effect of spam complaints on the server stability will be reduced, since spam complaints will get split into different IPs. This unique feature of IP rotation makes our software stands out from other email marketers software.
7. Does my own IP address gets expose anywhere while using your service?
Ans: No .We uses the VPS/ Dedicated Server’s IPs to send emails. We do not use your Internet Service Provider’s address.
8: How many emails can the software sent per hour?
Ans:  Up to an average of 6000 emails per hour is the average speed of the software based on  normal broad band internet connection.
9: Do you have Email Newsletter designing service?
Ans: Yes, design services from $150 SGD per each custom template designed by our experienced graphics designers which will be specifically designed according to your requirements. You may re-use the design again and again.
10. How can I get my open rates and click rate and bounce reports ?
Ans : You will be able to track the complete details of email delivery from the software itself.
11: Do you have automated bounced email processing & automated un-subscription handling in the software?
Ans : Yes we do have the Automated Bounced Email processing & automated un-subscription handling feature in the software. It’s a inbuilt feature. Bounce-backs/ unsubscriptions are automatically recognized, and originating addresses can be either disabled/unsubscribed or deleted from the lists.
12. What is the use of IP rotation in Singapore Email Database?
Ans:   IP rotation will reduce the effect of spam complaints. When spam complaints are registered, it gets split into different IPs , there by preventing the server shut down.
13. How much can I save by using your service?
Ans: It takes 5 Sales Person, 12 Years, $1,58 Million to call & reach out to 800,000 companies and clients. It takes ONLY 7 Days, $888 to reach 800,000 through EDM Marketing!
Doing the same thing over and over again and
expecting different results.
Albert Einstein
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