VPS Server

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS Hosting is about creating multiple “server spaces” within one physical server. Each VPS server within the main physical server can have its own dedicated resources and IP addresses . You can decided exactly which software you want to run within your VPS and you can have your own custom configurations and won’t be affected by what anyone else is doing on the same server.
There may be control by using your personal or companies’ email address to send your EDM Campaign. By using VPS Server, you can send up to 50,000 Emails per day. This will be extremely great savings for all your EDM Campaigns.
Full Email Marketing Solution Package
Email Marketer Software (Lifetime License) + Free One Domain Name + Free One month VPS
(Send unlimited Emails Per Month) + Manual Guide
Email Marketer Software comes with multiple users’ login. Full setup & configuration of server
and software will be done by us and customer will be given login details to access the web based
console to send emails. You can start sending unlimited mails just by one click! Subsequently,
you are only required to pay about $100 SGD per month to send unlimited Emails.
Optional training packages available.
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About Singapore Email Marketer
Singapore Email Marketer has been providing bulk email delivery services to its customers
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